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[Freshworks] Mapsly setup guide
[Freshworks] Mapsly setup guide

A step-by-step guide for setting up your Mapsly account with Freshworks

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Mapsly is a standalone software platform that exchanges data with your Freshworks CRM through its API. Follow the steps below to set up your Mapsly account with Freshworks.

Prepare your Freshworks for import

In order to import deal records in the Deals object (module) to Mapsly - you need to set up a filter with the name All * (for example, All deals (Mapsly)) that includes all not deleted records. If you don't need deal records in Mapsly, you can just go ahead and skip this step.

Go to Deals module > Filters Applied and check Won/Lost

Signing up for a Mapsly account and connecting your Freshworks

To create your Mapsly account and connect it to your Freshworks CRM - go to Mapsly sign-up page.

Once you complete the sign-up page:

  • Go to Setup in the Mapsly main menu:

  • Click the + button, select Freshworks, and follow the instructions on the screen:

You'll be prompted to enter your CRM url and API key:

  • CRM url: To find your CRM url, please go to Admin Settings -> Apps & Integrations -> API Settings

    You'd be prompted to check the CAPTCHA to have your API credentials.

  • Copy your bundle alias and paste it as a CRM ulr.

  • Copy your API key and paste it as an API key.

    Important (!): Depending on whether you are using Freshworks or Freshsales you need to use a different CRM url. For Freshworks, you need to use /crm/sales at the end of the CRM url. Please find examples below:

After you filled in Connector Settings modal window - click on Connect to Source button:

Choose objects (modules) to be imported to Mapsly

You can choose which objects you'd like to see on the map. For each object you can indicate:

  • the field(s) that will constitute the object's name; and

  • the address field (alternatively or in addition to the address field, you may map GPS coordinates, if you already have them in the CRM).

For standard Freshworks objects (modules) Appointment (Meeting), Account, Contact and Deal fields mapping is pre-configured and if you're ok with the fields pre-selected as their names and addresses in Mapsly, you may click Save.

Choose if Mapsly should import all fields for the selected objects or if you'd like to manually select the fields to be imported for each of the objects:

What's next?

After the sign-up wizard is complete, importing data and geocode addresses normally takes some time (~2 minutes per 1,000 records).

As the geocoding progresses, new points will appear on the map automatically.

Once the import and geocoding are complete, you'll see an auto-hiding notification.

How to log into Mapsly

To log into Mapsly, go to and enter your Mapsly login and password into the Mapsly login form.

How to remove deleted records from Mapsly

In Freshsales, you have two options to delete a record – Delete and Forget.

Deleting a record allows you to remove it from the system and recover such a record within 90 days. Forgetting a record is irreversible, and the data cannot be recovered later.

However, to remove deleted records from Mapsly – you have to use only the Delete action. In case applying Forget option – the record will not be deleted in Mapsly.

More information

Implementation is included in your Mapsly subscription!

Your Mapsly subscription comes with implementation services, so we're inviting you to book a web call with our engineer today - to learn more about your use scenario and help you integrate Mapsly with your system. You may also ask us for help in chat any time 24/7.

Useful articles

If you'd like to see on the map only standard objects like leads, accounts or contacts, the wizard's instructions are self-explanatory. In more complex scenarios when you'd like to see other objects in Mapsly as well or use coordinates instead of an object's address, please refer to these articles:

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