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By default, Mapsly imports changes from Freshworks by schedule with 10-, 20-, 30-minute or 1-hour intervals. But when you need changes in Freshworks to be immediately reflected in Mapsly you can use Freshworks webhooks with Mapsly API to create, update and delete data in Mapsly immediately.

This guide will help you set up real-time sync of new Contacts to Mapsly:

1. Generate API key for your data source in Mapsly

First, generate the API key as described in this guide.

2. Create a Webhook in Freshworks for new Contacts

In Freshworks:

1- Go to Admin Settings -> Automation: Workflows

2- Click Create Rule, select Leads and enter a name for your workflow:

3- Select whenever the record is created or updated, and select Trigger Webhook as action:

4- Click Edit webhook settings:

  • select request type: GET

  • In your URL append apikey parameter which you can generate in Mapsly by following this guide and entity parameter with the value contact

  • Append fields of contact by clicking to insert placeholder and appending them to the URL, e.g. id={{contact.id}} or first_name={{contact.first_name}}
    (You can add append any number of fields)

Make sure the result looks similar to this:


IMPORTANT! Object and field names in Mapsly are case-sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly as they appear in Object & fields in your Freshworks data source:

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