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Function GetTerritories()
Function GetTerritories()

Retrieve territories array for any given latitude and longitude coordinates

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GetTerritories(lat, long) returns territories array for any given lat and long coordinates.


lat: latitude

long: longitude


A JSON array of territories, consisting of territory group name, territory group code, territory name, and territory code.


Let's say you created the "North-East" territory:

In this scenario, if we call GetTerritories('40.607925', '-76.218295') it would return:

[{"groupCode":"sales-team","territoryCode":"north-east","groupName":"Sales Team","territoryName":"North-East"}]

If you provide coordinates outside of this or any other territory, the GetTerritories() function would return an empty array.

Fetching territories via API

You can use the GetTerritories() function to fetch your Mapsly territories via API using a custom endpoint. To accomplish that, you need to create a button, check the "Expose as API endpoint," and provide some name to your endpoint:

In the actions of your button add a code statement where you will provide lat and long from your request, for example:

{{ GetTerritories(, request.parameters.long) }}

For example, your GET request might look like this:

If you only have an address, but no coordinates

You may also pass the address as a URL parameter and retrieve territories. To accomplish that, you will need to use the Geocode() function inside your button and then pass the geocoded coordinates to your GetTerritories() function as input:

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