Mapsly can automatically assign your records to territories created in Mapsly and - optionally - save the assigned territories to these records in the data source.

To activate auto-assignment of records, you'll need select the objects that you'd like to auto-assign to territories in the Territory management settings pop-up:

1- Open the right Territories pane by selecting Territories in the right pane's header (or by selecting Territories in the main menu):

2- Open the Territory management setting by clicking the Cog icon, and select the objects you'd like to auto-assign to territories:

3- If you leave No auto-saving in the right selector that will appear when you check an object, the assigned territories will only appear in Mapsly, in the Territories field that pre-exists in every object.

If you'd like the assigned territories to be saved back to the data source, select the target field in the selector.

IMPORTANT! Be extra careful: selecting a field in this selector will overwrite your existing data in the data source.

4- Create a territory by clicking Add territory and drawing your territory’s region or selecting areas from the geo-library.

When done, click Save territories in the right pane. This will start the auto-assignment process and once complete, records that reside inside a territories will have the name of this territory in its Territories field, and - if a field in the data source was selected earlier - the value of Territories will be also pushed to the data source.

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