This article covers building routes in Mapsly. Traveling preferences are covered here.

You can build routes between your records/prospects using Mapsly.

To add your existing records to a route you simply click on a point on the map and then click on "To route" button:

If you want to know how to add appointments to your routes you can read this article.

To add records from table view you need to click on three dots icon next to the record that you want to add:

and then select "Add to route":

You can also add multiple points on the map to a route using lasso tool by clicking the lasso icon and selecting the points on the map:

To add a new prospect to a route simply search for it in Route search bar and select it from the search results list:

Once the records are added to the route, you can build the route using one of the following travel modes:

  • Car: fastest

  • Car: shortest

  • Truck: fastest

  • Truck: balanced

  • Bicycle

  • Pedestrian

Cars and truck routes can use traffic data setting that will optimize your route based on live and historic traffic data.

Truck routes can use additional parameters. You can read more about truck routing in this article.

Meanwhile, for all of the travel modes that have routes with at least 4 points you can enable "Find optimal order of the points" setting, that will re-arrange all of your points (except the first and the last points) to make the route optimal.

Note, that you can add up to 25 points to a route that is optimized and up to 50 points if optimization is not enabled.

Saved places

You can save favorite locations and then re-use them for future routes. When creating a route you may click on the star icon and select one of your saved places:

You will then see a popup with saved places where you can select existing saved places or create new ones by clicking the plus sign.

By default all saved places have "Private" sharing status, meaning they will be only visible for the author. If you want to learn more how to customize sharing settings please read the sharing settings article.

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