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[Zoho CRM] Installation guide
[Zoho CRM] Installation guide

Learn how to set up Mapsly with your Zoho CRM

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Mapsly is a standalone software platform that is visually embedded into your Zoho CRM through a Zoho marketplace extension that:

  1. adds a web tab with an iframe which loads the Mapsly platform;

  2. automatically logs your Zoho users into Mapsly with their Zoho user credentials.

Follow the steps below to get started with Mapsly in Zoho CRM. Please note that

  1. you need Zoho CRM Standard edition or higher to use Mapsly and

  2. you need to be a Zoho CRM administrator to complete this guide.

1. Install Mapsly extension

2. Enable Single Sign-On for Mapsly

Enable the Single Sign-On between Zoho and Mapsly by checking the SAML Single Sign-On box on the extension configuration page that will open automatically:

3. Open Mapsly

There are two ways to open and then use Mapsly:

  1. In the Mapsly tab inside Zoho CRM. If you prefer this way, follow the steps below in this chapter to do it.

  2. Or in a separate tab at If you prefer this way, at clicking the Zoho logo and - if prompted - sing in with your Zoho credentials in the Zoho pop-up login page. Then proceed to chapter #4 below.

The rest of this chapter is relevant for using Mapsly in the Zoho CRM's Mapsly tab. Open the Mapsly tab in the header menu (it might be behind the 3 dots on the right - if so, here's how you can pin in to the top instead):

Note. If Mapsly tab is not showing up in the top menu right after the installation of the extension, please wait up to 5 minutes, and then reload your browser tab.

IMPORTANT! Some browsers might block this popup - in this case you'll see a brief red error message and an instruction to

  • click the blocked popup button in the browser address bar (in different browsers this button might look slightly different):

  • select the "Always allow" option to allow Mapsly to open the login popup:

  • and then re-open the Mapsly tab (or refresh the browser tab).

4. Follow Mapsly account sign-up wizard

Click Create new Mapsly account:

and follow sign-up wizard instructions.

Or, if you need to link an existing Mapsly account to this Zoho CRM, follow this guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1. If you accidentally miss step #2 and don't activate the Single Sign-On, you may see the "SAML SSO Error" here. To resolve it, open the extension config page and activate the Single Sign-On.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2. Do not connect your sandbox Zoho CRM instance to Mapsly - Mapsly will only work with production Zoho CRM environments.

How to access Mapsly

As mentioned above, there are two ways to access Mapsly:

  1. in your Zoho CRM's Mapsly tab;

  2. or in a separate tab at

If you prefer option #2:

  • if prompted, enter your Zoho credentials in the Zoho login pop-up - and you'll be logged into your Mapsly user account.

More information

Adding more users to Mapsly

New Zoho users are added to your Mapsly account with restricted access automatically when they open the Mapsly tab or log into Mapsly with their Zoho credentials at; you don't need to manually add them. Learn more users and Single Sign-On here.

Using Mapsly on mobile devides

To use Mapsly on a mobile device simply open and log in to on your mobile as described above.

Sandbox environment

Current Mapsly does not support Zoho CRM Sandbox environment. Please choose Production environment.

Updating records in Activities module

Activities module is simply a representation of Meetings, Calls and Emails. Whenever you create, update or delete a record in any of these modules Zoho automatically reflects it in the Activities module. Because of that all fields in Activities are read-only and can't be edited. If you would like to edit your activities you should then edit records in their respective modules.

Implementation is included in your Mapsly subscription!

Your Mapsly subscription comes with implementation services, so we're inviting you to book a web call with our engineer today - to learn more about your use scenario and help you integrate Mapsly with your system. You may also ask us for help in chat any time 24/7.

Useful articles

If you'd like to see on the map only standard objects like leads, accounts or contacts, the wizard's instructions are self-explanatory. In more complex scenarios when you'd like to see other objects in Mapsly as well or use coordinates instead of an object's address, please refer to these articles:

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