Mapsly AI Overview

Analyze text, images, audio & video with AI using custom prompts tailed to your business

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What is Mapsly AI?

Mapsly AI lets you automatically process and analyze data collected by your field sales and service teams with the most up-to-date GenAI models — text notes, photos of locations, audio notes, and video footage — based on your custom AI prompts.

Apply different AI prompts to different pieces of collected data, for example, to confirm that your product is laid out on a shelve in accordance with your company’s policies, to summarize action items from your sales reps’ audio notes, or to automatically detect negative sentiment in a meeting with a client.

Automatically generated transcript and AI summary for audio and video

First, you need to enable a file type, such as Audio or Video. Then, select whether you want to only transcribe the text or also process transcription via AI. Finally, apply your custom AI prompt:

You can view the transcription and AI summary for your audio or video within Mapsly:

Our solution engineers will help you create efficient prompts to ensure the best result of AI analysis. If your data requires preprocessing before AI analysis or a specific complex flow of questions, our solution engineers will help you implement AI analysis with Mapsly automation platform, since data exchange with the AI service is also available programmatically.

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