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Learn about settings in users' personal preferences

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The Personal tab in the Preferences window allows a Mapsly user to configure their preferences and Mapsly administrator to specify some additional user settings:


  • Name: visible name of the Mapsly user

  • Email: the user's email. Users whose accouints are not linked with their CRM accounts via the Single Sign-On use their email as their login to sign in to Mapsly.

  • Profile: the user's profile that defines the user's access and permissions in Mapsly.

  • Timezone: the user's timezone. All datetime fields are displayed in this timezone.

  • Language: the language in which Masply user interface is shown to the user.

  • Change password: turn the switch on to set a new password.

  • CRM user IDs (visible only to Masply org administrators): this block of fields lists user IDs in Mapsly org's data sources. When the user's Mapsly user account is linked to their user accoun in a CRM via the SSO, the CRM user ID appears here automatically and cannot be modified manually. For other data sources administrators may enter user IDs manually to enable access control by record ownership.

    In your automation, CRM user IDs of the user who triggered the automation can be can be programmatically retrieved using the GetDataSourceUserID() function and from the execution context's currentMapslyUser.userIds array.

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