You can switch to your preferred navigation app from Mapsly in 1 click and navigate to a route waypoint, or to any other record on the map.

How to navigate to a location

To navigate to a location, click Navigate here:

1- Once the route is built, in the waypoint's context menu here:

2- In the Trip mode's waypoint panel (Navigate is always the 1st button here):

  • in the record's map popup:

  • or in its View record popup:

Your preferred navigation app

You can use your preferred navigation app - Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze - for each of your devices. Unlike other Traveling preferences which apply to all devices across your Mapsly user account, the Navigation app setting is set per-device so you may have different preferred apps on different devices.

When you click Navigate for the first time on a device, you'll be prompted to select the app, and Mapsly will automatically save your selection to the Navigation app setting in the Traveling preferences, where you can change it anytime later.

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