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Mapsly's shared maps use your Mapbox access token to load map tiles. To get this token, sign up for a Mapbox account (no credit card data required), which will provide 200,000 tile loads per month free-of-charge. This volume will be enough to cover all use scenarios except when a shared map is embedded in a public-facing website with high volume of daily visitors.

Sign up for a Mapbox account

If you don't have a Mapbox account yet, sign up for an account at https://account.mapbox.com/auth/signup/

Create a new access token

While your Mapbox account has a default public access token out-of-the-box, we recommend creating a new one specifically for Mapsly. To do this, in your Mapbox account's homepage, or at https://account.mapbox.com/access-tokens/ page:

1- Press the Create a token button:

2- A Create an access token page will open:

Here, leave the scopes selected by default checked (don't change them).

To prevent unauthorized usage of your token, restrict its usage only in Mapsly by

entering https://app.mapsly.com into the URL in the Token restrictions section and clicking Add URL button on the right, so the page looks like this:

Then press Create token.

3- On the Access tokens page that will open, click the blue Copy button near your new "Mapsly" token - to copy your access token into the clipboard:

Use your Mapbox token in the Shared maps settings

Now you can paste the token into the Shared maps plug-in settings:

In Mapsly, on the Shared maps page click the Settings button:

Paste your token into the Mapbox access token field and click Save:

Using custom MapBox tiles

In order to use custom MapBox tiles please follow this tutorial.

Contact Mapsly support at any time

If you have any questions or need help with configuring your shared maps contact Mapsly support team 24/7 by chat or email at [email protected], we'll be happy to help.

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