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How to use custom MapBox tiles in Mapsly
How to use custom MapBox tiles in Mapsly

Learn how to use custom MapBox tiles in Mapsly

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In order to use custom MapBox tiles you need to create an access token. To do that please follow the steps below.

Sign up for a Mapbox account

If you don't have a Mapbox account yet, sign up for an account at

Create a new access token

In your Mapbox account's homepage, or at page:

1- Press the Create a token button:

2- Create an access token with the STYLES:LIST secret scope:

Use your Mapbox token in the Shared maps settings

Now you can paste the token into the Shared maps plug-in settings:

In Mapsly, on the Shared maps page click the Settings button:

Paste your token into the Mapbox access token field and click Save:

To create a custom tile you need to go to Mapbox studio:

After you save your new custom tile you will see it in the list of your map tiles under map rendering settings:

Contact Mapsly support at any time

If you have any questions or need help with configuring your shared maps contact Mapsly support team 24/7 by chat or email at [email protected], we'll be happy to help.

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