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Trip mode helps you follow your route more efficiently by

  • highlighting your next waypoint and the route to it,

  • placing relevant action buttons on the Waypoint panel at the bottom of the screen,

  • allowing you to re-build your route from your current location thus updating your expected time of arrival at all your unvisited waypoints,

  • allowing you to mark your current point thus removing it from your current route and rebuilding your route from your current location to your next stop.

Activating the trip mode

The Trip mode is activated by clicking the Start trip button after you built your route:

When the Trip mode is active, Mapsly hides the search bar and the table view and shows the Waypoint panel with your next stop. You may switch between stops using the left arrow and right arrow buttons:

Exiting the Trip mode

To deactivate the Trip mode:

  • press End trip on the Route pane


  • Press End trip mode or Finish trip (at your finishing location) on the Waypoint panel:

Exiting the Trip mode will hide the Waypoint panel, show the search bar and the table view again and restore the full route with all waypoints on the Route pane including those that you previously marked as visited while in the Trip mode.

Actions on the Waypoint panel


Refresh button on the right of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) rebuilds your current route from your current location and refreshes the ETAs to all unvisited stops, which you can see on the Route pane (your next waypoint is highlighted in green):


Navigate is always the first button on the waypoint panel. Press it to navigate to this location using your preferred navigation app: Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze.

You may have different preferred navigation apps on different devices, and - once selected - they can be changed in the Traveling preferences.

View record

Opens the full-size window with your record's data.

Custom buttons

If your Mapsly administrator added buttons, like Check In, Check Out, to the waypoint panel and made them visible to your user profile, you'll see them here and can press them to follow the process set up by the administrator.

Open in CRM

Open the waypoint record in your CRM's mobile app, if it's installed on your device, or in a new browser tab otherwise.

Mark as visited

Marks your current waypoint as visited, which removes it from your current route, and rebuilds your route with your next stop as your target location.

Exit trip mode / Finish trip

Exit trip mode, or Finish trip for the finish location, exits the trip mode, hides the waypoint panel, shows the search bar and the table view again and restores the full route with all waypoints on the Route pane.

How to re-start Trip mode

To re-enter the Trip mode after you exited it, simply click the Build route on the Route panel and then click Start trip again.

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