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How to create a record from a map location
How to create a record from a map location

Learn how to create new records and export them to your CRM

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Mapsly allows you to create a new record in any object in any of your data sources from a map location.

To create a new record simply right-click on a map location which will be used as address of the new record, or tap/click on a map location and then tap/click the semi-transparent menu icon that will appear:

and then click 'Create record':

You will then see a popup where you need to fill in the fields for that record:

Note: In most cases, standard objects like Leads, Accounts and Contacts will have pre-configured virtual address fields. Pre-configured virtual address fields are pre-selected as the object's address field. You can learn about this in the following article.

When you create a record Mapsly will try to reverse-geocode the address based on the coordinates where you have clicked on the map. If it's successful then the address fields will be pre-filled. If reverse-geocoding failed, you will instead have an option to save coordinates instead:

Note: Make sure to enable GPS coordinates.

Once you click on 'Create' button Mapsly will try to export this record to your CRM. There a couple of conditions that need to be met in order to successfully export this record:

  1. The current user is permitted to modify these fields

  2. The required fields are filled in. Note, that each CRM has their own required fields that need to be filled for each object.

  3. The fields are filled in with correct format of value.

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