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By default, Mapsly uses a record’s address to determine its location (longitude/latitude), but it can also import coordinates directly from the CRM. (Coordinates may be gathered, for example, with a Zoho Creator form.)

If the fields in your CRM object (module) that hold coordinates are named Longitude and Latitude, Mapsly recognizes them automatically and will use these coordinates whenever they’re not empty; when they’re empty, Mapsly will use a record’s address.

To use coordinates from the CRM in Mapsly:

• During the Mapsly account sign-up process, on step #4 click the crosshairs icon and select the fields that hold the coordinates:

• If a Masply account has already been set up, go to Account settings -> click your CRM’s name -> find/expand your CRM object (module) -> click the crosshairs icon and select the coordinate fields. Then click Save account schema.

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