Mapsly is a standalone software platform that exchanges data with your Creatio account through its API.

To create your Mapsly account and connect it to your Creatio CRM, following this Mapsly sign-up wizard.

Please note that on step #3 "Access to data" you'll be prompted to enter your Creatio administrator's login and password, as well as your full Creatio CRM domain including "https://" (like

How to log into Mapsly

To log into Mapsly, go to and enter your Mapsly login and password into the Mapsly login form.

Known limitations of Mapsly-Creatio connector

Objects without 'ModifiedOn' field cannot be imported to Mapsly

Since Mapsly relies on the ModifiedOn field to import records that have been created or updated since the last import (do "incremental imports"), objects without this field will be ignored by Mapsly by default. So if you'd like to import an object that doesn't have ModifiedOn by default, add it as a custom datetime field and set this field's value to the current UTC date/time when a record is created and every time it's updated. Make sure the format of values is exactly the same as in Creatio's standard objects.

This will enable incremental imports for this object and Mapsly will be able to import its records.

More information

How to add Creatio CRM as a data source to an existing Mapsly account

If you already have an a Mapsly account, you can add your Creatio CRM as a data source to it:

  • Go to Setup in the Mapsly main menu:

  • Click the + button, select Creatio and follow instructions on the screen:

Adding more users to Mapsly

Follow this guide to add or remove users in Mapsly.

Please note that you will need to add to Mapsly only those users who will actually be using Mapsly (not all Creatio users). Also, it is possible to add users to Mapsly who are not registered in Creatio.

More useful articles

If you'd like to see on the map only standard objects like contacts, the wizard's instructions are self-explanatory. In more complex scenarios when you'd like to see other objects in Mapsly as well or use coordinates instead of an object's address, please refer to these articles:

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