To adjust map rendering settings please the map icon in the search bar:

The following settings are available:

  1. Map transparency: adjust the opacity of the map.

  2. Map tiles: select the map tiles that fit your goals. For example, Google: Roadmap provides the most detailed map data, while Here: Roadmap and Here: Terrain provides a more minimalisic. less cluttered view.

  3. Max cluster radius: defines when objects are clustered - if two points are less than this number of pixels away from each other, they are combined into a cluster. Increase this number to have fewer number of larger clusters; and decrease it to have more smaller clusters (this may slow down map rendering).

  4. Disable clustering at zoom: at the indicated zoom level and higher (more "zoomed in" levels) points will not be clustered even when close together.

    IMPORTANT: enabling this option may (declustering points) may dramatically slow down map rendering, especially on large datasets and on less powerful computers. To prevent this from happening or lower the negative impact, hide marker labels before enabling this option.

Using custom MapBox tiles

In order to use custom MapBox tiles please follow this tutorial.

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