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Learn how table filter works and how to use it in conjunction with other geo-analysis tools in Mapsly

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Use the Table view filter to narrow your dataset in the table to records that match specific criteria:

  • click "abc" and select the operator (available operators depend on the field type);

  • enter operand(s) into the filter.

Some operators, like between, require two operand values separated by a comma (,):

When entering decimal values, use a dot (.) as the decimal separator:

If you like to filter by date, use yyyy-mm-dd format:

Table view filter removes records from the map in all Table modes

Records that don’t match the table filter are removed not only from the table, but from the map as well, no matter the current Table view mode.

Combine table filter with dynamic view/layers

Use the Views/layers and Visible map table modes, which account for the currently visible views and layers, with the table filter - to achieve even more powerful and complex filtering.

Apply table filter to multiple objects at once

You may apply a table filter to multiple objects at once: the filter is not cleared when you select a different object in the Table view.

Objects that have active table filters are marked with a red filter icon in the object selector:

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