What is Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO is a link between your Mapsly account and your CRM org that allows your CRM users to be automatically registered in Mapsly the first time they access it and then automatically logged into Mapsly every time they use it, thus eliminating the need to manage separate user credentials for Mapsly.

When a Mapsly account is created in the Mapsly tab in a CRM (like Zoho CRM or Salesforce), or when the user starts a Mapsly account sign-up wizard being logged into a system integrated with Mapsly via SAML or OAuth (like Hubspot), the new Mapsly account is automatically linked to the CRM organization with SSO.

How does the SSO affect user management?

When a Mapsly account is linked to a CRM org with SSO, users are automatically registered in and logged into Mapsly. (Learn more about user management in Mapsly here.)

If your Mapsly account has an active SSO link, you'll see this line in the Company profile section of your Setup:

You can remove the SSO link at any time by clicking the Turn OFF link here:

(The link is located in the Company profile section of the Account settings; see also the screenshot above)

It depends on the CRM you're using:

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