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How to enable predictive analysis

Learn how to enable predictive analysis

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This is a quick tutorial on how to use predictive analysis in Mapsly.

To activate predictive analysis on a chart, simply check the "Enable Forecast" box:

Mapsly will automatically extend your chart based on pattern prediction using your existing data.

Forecasting periods allow us to specify how far into the future we want to predict. Typically, for real-world data, predictions become less accurate the further into the future they extend.

Confidence interval determines the level of statistical confidence applied to the prediction. This confidence level is also applied to the portion of the time-series data available.

Seasonality refers to recurring patterns in the underlying distribution, often crucial in many real-world time-series analyses. For instance, daily temperature variations correspond to the movement of the sun. Seasonality assumptions can be set for yearly, weekly, or daily periods.

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