Function GetFileURL()

Generates a temporary direct URL to a file stored in Mapsly

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Use GetFileURL(fileId, ttl) to generate a direct link to a file that will be valid for the requested time period. Unlike GetFileProperties(fileId).file_url, to access which the user must be logged in to Mapsly, a link returned by GetFileURL() does not require authentication to access the file, which makes this function useful for generating temporary HTML content without embedding the file's binary content into it; for example, for inserting images into HTML form fields.

See Files in Mapsly for more details.


  • fileId: ID of a file stored in a Files field of a Mapsly system object like Check In, or a Fiels field of a Form action.

  • ttl: time period, in seconds, for which the returned link should be valid.


A temporary direct URL to the requested file.

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