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Analytics overview

Drag-n-drop charts & dashboards for data from all your data sources

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What is Mapsly Analytics?

Mapsly Analytics is a Mapsly add-on that allows you to build charts and dashboards on top of your Mapsly data in minutes using an intuitive drag-n-drop user interface and receive regular email reports with snapshots of your charts and dashboards.

Analytics comes with 40+ types of charts, ranging from simple pie charts to highly detailed geospatial charts, and offers drill-to-detail and drill-by capabilities.

All your Mapsly data, including route activities, check-in data, your CRM data (including custom objects and custom fields), Google Sheets, and data pushed to Mapsly via the Mapsly API or Zapier, is immediately available in Mapsly Analytics without the need for any extra integration or data mapping.

How to enable Mapsly Analytics. Permissions.

To start using Mapsly Analytics, grant your users at least one of the Analytics permissions in Profiles & Permissions:

Available permissions:

  • View charts & dashboards grants users view-only access to the dashboards assigned to this user profile on the Mapsly Analytics portal.

  • Create/modify charts & dashboards permits users to create new charts and dashboards and modify existing charts and dashboards assigned to the user on the Mapsly Analytics portal.

    Requires View charts & dashboard permission to be activated first.

  • Analytics admin grants users permission to modify any dashboards and charts, including those created by other users, without the need to be granted access to them; create virtual datasets; add formula columns to existing datasets, edit all datasets' semantic layer (explicitly define metrics and dimensions for a dataset); grants any user role permission to access dashboards.

    Requires Create/modify charts & dashboards permission to be activated first.

    NOTE: When you grant or remove Analytics admin permission to/from a user, it may take up to 15 minutes for this change to propagate to the Mapsly Analytics portal.

  • SQL lab permits users to access the SQL lab on the Mapsly Analytics portal to access Mapsly data with direct SQL queries.

    Requires Analytics admin permission to be activated first.

Pricing. Automatic adjustment of subscription price.

Mapsly Analytics is priced per user per month, based on the number of users who have permission to the Analytics portal. Adding a user with a user profile that has View charts & dashboards or Create/modify charts & dashboards will automatically increase your monthly subscription price starting from your next billing date (you won't be charged immediately; decreasing the number of such users will automatically decrease your subscription price.

How to access Mapsly Analytics portal

Users with any Analytics permission can access the Analytics portal by clicking Analytics in the main menu (click on your avatar to see the menu).

Analytics for Field Sales & Service Teams

Out-of-the-box, Mapsly Analytics offers a set of pre-configured dashboards and charts — for a 360º-view of your field sales and service team’s activities and performance. These dashboards can be adjusted and expanded in minutes to support your custom processes and custom requirements for analysis.

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