How to use your own SMTP

Learn how to configure and use your own SMTP to send emails from your own email address

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1. Add details of your SMTP server

To send emails from your own email address, you must first enter the details of your SMTP server. In the example below, we are setting up the Google SMTP server. To do so, please go to Setup > Actions > click on the "Email settings" button:

In the Email settings, fill in all the fields and click the "Save" button.

  • Host: domain name of the SMTP service.

  • Port: In the Port field, select one of the following options: for SSL, enter 465. For TLS, enter 587.

  • Username: your full Gmail address.

  • Password: please create your App Password as described here:
    โ€‹NOTE: you need to create and paste the 16-digit passcode generated by App Password. No password for your Google account is required.

2. Fill in the new fields in Send email action

Once the SMTP details are entered correctly, you'll see the additional fields in the Send email action:

  • From email *: you must enter the email address used to connect your SMTP server.
    โ€‹NOTE: you can add more allowed senders in your SMTP settings. Please learn more about it here:

  • From name: optional. Enter the name that will appear as the Sender of your emails.

  • Reply-to email: optional. If you'd like to receive responses back to the sender's email, you can leave this field blank. Or enter the desired email address where the responses should go.

The remaining fields should be filled accordingly, as described in this article.


  • You may send 10 emails per day without adding your SMTP credentials. The sender of the email will be [email protected].

  • You can send emails without adding your SMTP credentials during the first 30 days from your account creation date.

In case of any difficulties please don't hesitate to contact Mapsly support viat chat or email [email protected].

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