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How usage-based fees work in Mapsly
How usage-based fees work in Mapsly

Learn how Mapsly adjusts the records fee and the storage fee based on your usage

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Mapsly subscription includes two usage-based fees that adjust automatically based on your usage metrics: records fee and storage fee:

  • Record fees: all Mapsly plans include a certain number of imported records β€” 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 depending on your Mapsly plan; if more records are imported, Mapsly will automatically raise the records limit in 10,000-record increments and add the appropriate fee to your monthly bill.

  • Storage fees: all Mapsly plans come with 5Gb storage for your files and documents which may be used, for example, to store photos taken during the check-in process. If you exceed this limit, Mapsly will automatically add more storage in 5Gb increments.

When your usage-based fees are adjusted, you will not be immediately charged β€” the new price will affect only your next change.

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