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Learn how to use the Route viewer to see routes for a particular user(s) and date(s), including multiple routes at once

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To view one or multiple routes for a particular date(s) and user(s), open the Route viwer tool by clicking this button in the Search bar:

Viewing route(s) for one user and one day

In the Route viewer tool select a user and a date — and Mapsly will show you the route(s):

Viewing routes for multiple users and/or dates

To select multiple users and/or multiple dates at once, first switch the viewer into the multiselect mode by clicking this button:

Now you may select multiple users at once, and/or indicate a range of dates — and Mapsly will show you the routes:

When multiple users are selected and only one date, or one user and a range of dates, routes will differ in color (as in the screenshot above). If you select both multiple users and a range of dates, routes that belong to different users will differ in color, and routes that belong to the same user but different dates, will differ in the line pattern:

Showing draft routes

When your routing session moves into the draft stage (after you click Build and Mapsly generates draft routes), the Route viewer will automatically open — to visualize the draft routes:

NOTE: When your routing session is in the draft stage, the Route viewer will have an All/Live/Draft selector, which you may use to switch between the draft routes, published (live) routes, or to view both at once:

Sync with route viewer checkbox

In the Route panel you may also notice a Sync with route viewer box:

While this box is checked, as you navigate between your draft routes within the routing session, or select various users and dates in the route list above this checkbox, the Route viewer will be automatically updating to stay in sync with the route(s) you're currently viewing in the Route panel.

For example, if you open one of the draft routes, the Route viewer will automatically highlight it:

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