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[Dynamics 365] Error [500] Dynamics365 responded with an error
[Dynamics 365] Error [500] Dynamics365 responded with an error

What to do when you see an error [500] Dynamics365 responded with an error

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If after connecting your Dynamics 365 to Mapsly you get an error [500] Dynamics 365 responded with an error, following the steps below will help to resolve it.

This is what the error will look like:

This error could occur when the user doesn't have enough rights to access some tables.

It could be solved by going to the Microsoft website and setting up the Environment.

First choose the environment:

After that the user shoud be chosen:

Then it's time to configure the security roles. Click Security Roles button

On this screen new role could be created or existing one could be chosen and View audit History and View Audit Summary should be enabled:

When it's done you have to go back into Mapsly setup and update the Source Data:

In case of any troubles, do not hesitate to contact our support.

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