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Center map on a record, GPS coordinates, or map region, when Mapsly opens, using URL commands
Center map on a record, GPS coordinates, or map region, when Mapsly opens, using URL commands

Use Mapsly URL commands to determine what Mapsly should

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You may direct Mapsly to center the map on a record or a location defined by GPS coordinates, or a map area when the map opens. To do this, use URL commands described below.

This feature works both on the map for authenticated users ( and on shared maps.

URL commands

The following URL commands are available:

Center on a point

__center=coordinates&__zoom=zoomLevelcenters map on the location specified by GPS coordinates (in decimal format, separated by a comma), with the specified zoom level (a value between 6 and 18).


Center on a map region

__center=coordinates1;coorinates2centers map on the rectangular area of the map specified by two pairs of GPS coordinates of the opposing corners of the map making sure that the entire map region is visible. Mapsly will automatically determine the zoom level required to make the specified map region fully visible, so the zoom parameter is not applicable in this case.

Examples:,165.34532;37.235434,168.7534 — centers and zooms the map so that the specified rectangular map area fully fits into the visible map area.

Center on a record, and [optionally] open its map popup

__id=recordId&__object=name&__cmd=center&__zoom=zoomLevel — centers the map on the record specified by recordId that belongs to the object with the API name name.

To also open the record's map popup, add openMapPopup to the __cmd parameter:

__cmd=center,openMapPopup . Please note that the map popup will open only if the specified record is currently visible on the map.

If multiple data sources have objects with API names name, specify the source's API name in the __source parameter.

Example:,openMapPopup&__zoom=12 — centers the map on Account record 47373646463, and opens its map popup if this account is visible on the map.

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