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[Zoho CRM] How to open a record-centered map
[Zoho CRM] How to open a record-centered map

Learn how to add a button that opens a Mapsly map that is centered on the record

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You can create a button that will allow you to quickly open a Mapsly map which will be centered on the record's position.

To create such a button:

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with administrative privileges.

  2. Go to Setup > Customization > Modules and Fields.

  3. From the List of Modules, select the required module.

  4. In the Links & Buttons tab, click Create New Button .

  5. In the Create Your Button page you need to add:

  • Name of the button

  • Where to place the button: View page

  • What action to perform: Invoke a URL

  • URL:${Accounts.Account Id}&__cmd=center,openMapPopup&__zoom=6
    where you need to replace Accounts with the API name of your object where you want to add this button. In our case we are adding this button to Accounts, so we will use this URL.

Note, that in the URL you can supply the following parameters:

  • __object
    API name of the object to which __record belongs. If __source is not specified, Mapsly will look for the first occurance of such object API name and will use it. If __source is specified, Masply should look for this object in that data source.

  • __id
    Record ID of the record that will be used to perform commands specified in __cmd

  • __cmd
    Comma-separated list of commands to be executed in the context of the specified record. Can be center, openMapPopup.

  • __zoom
    Specifies the zoom level on map load. Can be also alone or in combination with other params. __zoom is ignored when __center=maparea is used (since in this case the zoom level is determined by the map area that needs to be fit into the visible map area).

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