Function SignUrl()

Sign your parameterized shared map's URL so users cannot change its parameters

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Use SignUrl(url) to create a signed URL from an unsigned parameterized URL of a shared map - to prevent users from changing the values of its parameters: if a user modifies a signed URL, for example updates a URL parameter, this will make the signature mismatch the URL content and Mapsly will not load such URL. Learn more about signing shared map URLs here.

How to use

Use the function in the following way:



  • url: the full URL of a parameterized shared map without a signature, for example:


The signed URL of the shared map. The signature is appended to the end of the URL - in the signature URL parameter. For the input example above, the output will look like:
โ€‹ะ 8ะž9dE27V5k0hf67


{{SignUrl('' +}}

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