Function GetC()

Retrieve a key's value from the specified context, or any other nested object

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Use GetC(name, object) to retrieve the value of the name key located in the object JSON object at the current level of the execution context.

A typical use case for GetC() is reading data from the context of a nested action that has just been executed using Do():

{{ GetC("myVar", Do("myActionApiName", }}

How to use

Use the function in the following way:

GetC(name, object)


  • name: the name of the variable (execution context key) whose value to retrieve.

  • value: the target value of the variable. The variable type is automatically determined by the value.


The value of the name key, or null if the key does not exist.


GetC("myVar", "myObject")

GetC("myVar", Do("myActionApiName",

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