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Function SetGlobalParam()
Function SetGlobalParam()

Store data in a global persistent storage to pass it between execution sessions.

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Use SetGlobalParam(name, value) to store value in a key name in the global persistent variable space, so it can later be read using GetGlobalParam().

Note. To increment or decrement numeric variables in your Mapsly automation in a thread-safe way, use IncrementGlobalParam() and DecrementGlobalParam(). It is very important, because Mapsly may execute multiple automation sessions simultaneously.

If a key name does not yet exist, the function will created it.

How to use

Use the function in the following way:

SetGlobalParam(name, value)


  • name: the name of the variable (key) to set or update.

  • value: the target value of the variable. The variable type is automatically determined by the value.




SetGlobalParam("recordsFound", false)

SetGlobalParam("emailBody", "")

SetGlobalParam("recordId", null)

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