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'Demographic metric' popup
'Demographic metric' popup

Learn how to use the 'Demographic metric' popup to explore available US Census Bureau metrics and add them to your territory group

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This article explains how to use the Demographic metrics popup, which opens when you add a Demographic metric in the Territory group properties popup' Data fields section - to explore the available 50,000+ metrics that the US Census Bureau offers and select the desired one for your territory group.

The Demographic metrics popup offers two tabs that work with the same set of metrics:

  • Hierarchy tab with the full hierarchy of metrics and their groups from the US Census Bureau, with a context search in root-level groups.

  • Context search tab where you can search metrics using keywords. For any of the found metrics on this tab, you can switch to this metric on the Hierarchy tab - to explore other metrics in the same or adjacent groups.

Hierarchy tab

This tab contains all metrics in their group hierarchy:

This tab is especially useful for exploring metrics in adjacent groups within the same parent group.

Search the desired root-level group by keywords

Search the upper-most group by entering your keyword(s) here:

It is not necessary to enter the full keyword. You may enter multiple keywords at once to refine your search. Example:

Expand the groups and select a metric in the hierarchy

To reach a metric, expand their groups. Selectable metrics will have one of more of the following links on the right:

  • Count: population count

  • Percentage: share of population

  • Value: any value other than the population count or percentage, for example a mean or median value.

Click the link representing the desired value to select it. (The popup will close automatically.)

Context search tab

This tab allows you to search the entire database of metrics based on your keywords, and is especially useful for exploring metrics using keywords without knowing their place in the group hierarchy.

Searching a metric

The search works similarly to the root-level group search on the Hierarchy tab: it produces a list of metrics, each containing ALL of your keywords; and keywords don't need to be full words. Example:

Finding a metric's place in Hierarchy

If you'd like to see the place of a particular found metric in the hierarchy on the Hierarchy tab, click the Show metric in Hierarchy icon-button on the right:

Use this feature when you can't find the exact metric you need because you don't know the exact name, but managed to find a similar metric - in this case your target metric may be close in the hierarchy to the one you found, so switching to the Hierarchy will help you immediately find your target metric.

Example: Let's assuming you're looking for the number of households with a hi-speed (broadband) internet connection. If you search in Hierarchy by the broadband keyword, but you'll notice that therer are no such groups:

So you would switch to the Context seach tab and enter your broadband keyword there, which will produce a large number metrics, none of which is exactly what you're looking for:

However, you'd notice that metric #3 in the search results looks like something that can potentially be close to your target metric in the Hierarchy, so you'd click the Show metric in Hierarchy button on the right to switch to this metric on the Hierarchy tab:

After Mapsly shows you the found metric in the hierarchy (with a purple box on the screenshot below), you would notice that the desired metric is probably in a group just a few lines above:

Then you'd expance that group and find your target metric there:

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