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(Re-)planning for the current day. Using "Today's start time/location" modal
(Re-)planning for the current day. Using "Today's start time/location" modal

Learn how to select start time and location for each user to plan or replan their today's routes.

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When you're planning routes for multiple users at once with the departure date being the current day (today), you may use the Today's start time/location modal to adjust the starting time and starting location for each of the users for whom Mapsly will be planning routes for today. Learn more about how start time/location is determined when routing for mulitple users.

In this modal, based on the indicated departure time, Mapsly will suggests the earliest start time and start location for each user based on:

  • their today's working schedule,

  • their current location (this information will be taken into account only if your users use Mapsly location tracking: user's guide, admin's guide),

  • and their other routes planned for today.

In this modal, you may:

  • (bulk-)update the suggested start time or location for any of the users, if necessary, either one by one by clicking the value of a start time or start location, or for multiple users at once by selecting users (checking the box to the left of the user name) and clicking the Edit selected button on top of the table:


exclude some users from planning for today by turning off the switch to the left of their names:

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