User tracking location daily reports

View auto-generated daily reports summarizing your team's travelled distance and time while their location tracking was active

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In Mapsly, you can activate the automatic generation of daily reports with tracking data of your individual users. These reports can be viewed inside the Tracking Report object. In these reports, you can access data such as Start/End time of tracking, distance (based on location history), time, segments, user name, and date:

To enable tracking reports, you need to go to the Routing settings:

Then, go to the "Tracking" tab, check the "Generate daily reports" box and save:

NOTE: You may create a Mapsly workflow on the Tracking report object — to send these reports by email or to an object in your CRM.

NOTE: Reports include all tracked locations, no matter whether it is within or outside of working hours, so users need to make sure they’re not tracking more than necessary — by turning off tracking manually or activating automatic activation/deactivation of tracking by schedule.

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