Create heatmaps based on record count or a field's values, from a whole object or just one layer, with adjustable color scale

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Use the Heatmap tool in the Address search bar to create heatmaps:

Unlike with markers where Mapsly shows only up to 15,000 records per map layer, there's no limit on the number of records for the heatmap - all records from the selected object or map layer will be used to draw the heatmap.

Heatmap properties

Dataset settings

Define the source of your heatmap's data and its base metric.

โ€‹Object is the object based on which the heatmap needs to be drawn.

Scope defines whether all records from the object will be used to draw the heatmap or only those from a map layer.

Use layer-based scope if you'd like to exclude records based on certain criteria:

Metric: select whether the heatmap will be drawn based on the record count or weight by the value of a numeric field.

When you select to use a field, pick the numeric fields and, optionally, enter the maximum value that will be used for normalization. If the Max value is omitted, Mapsly will automatically determine the maximum value based on the actual record set.

Additional settings

This subsection contains the heatmap's visualization parameters:

Color scale: adjust the color scale's color markers to change the default color scale:

To change the color of an existing color marker, click the marker and then choose its new color in the color palette:

Max zoom defines the zoom level where the points reach maximum intensity (as intensity scales with zoom). For example, at Max zoom = 18 you need to zoom in really close to see full intensity of the heatmap datapoint:

while zooming out by a few levels will already reduce the intensity:

Drag existing markers left or right to adjust the color distribution.

Add new color markers by clicking on empty space under the color scale:

Remove existing markers by double-clicking or long-tapping them.

Once you finish adjusting the heatmap properties, click Draw to draw the heatmap (or Refresh to re-draw the currently shown heatmap).

[crop output image]

How to hide the heatmap

To hide the currently visible heatmap, open its properties and click Clear:

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