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Save frequently visited locations and use them later. Share with your team.
Save frequently visited locations and use them later. Share with your team.

Save your most used addresses to 'Saved places' and add them to a route or select as start and finish points in 2 clicks. Share with others.

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Save locations that you visit frequently to your Saved places - and add them to your route or select as the start or finish location in two clicks.

Accessing Saved places

The list of your Saved places is accessible via the Star button in the Route panel located in the Start location block, Finish location block and the Add point block:

Clicking the Star icon will bring up the Saved places popup:

It has 3 tabs:

  • All: the full list of your saved places,

  • My places: places that you added,

  • Shared with me: places that other Mapsly users shared with you.

Using a saved place (adding to a route or as your start/finish point)

To use a saved place, click it in the list - and it'll be added to the route or selected as your starting or finishing location (depending on which Star button you pressed).

Adding a saved place. Sharing it with other users.

To save a place, open the Saved places popup using any of the Star buttons, press the Plus button on top and fill in the place's location, name and - optionally - its sharing setting:

In the Find location start typing an address, the name of a place (like a hotel or mall), or the name of any record in Mapsly, or paste GPS coordinates - and select the location from the auto-complete list.

In Place name enter the name under which this place will appear in the Saved places popup.

If you'd like your saved place to be visible only to you, leave Sharing at Private. If you'd like to share the place with others in your Mapsly organization, click Edit and configure sharing as described in the Sharing settings article.

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