Logs in Mapsly

Learn about Audit log, Data exchange log and Execution log.

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Mapsly logs various activities in 3 separate logs:

You may find logs in Setup -> Log:

Event log

Event log records events related to user activities like login and logout, changes in the structure of data sources, changes of various Mapsly configuration settings and other events not related to:

  • data exchange between Mapsly and data sources, which are stored in the Data exchange log,

  • execution of automation sessions, which are covered by the Execution log.

Data exchange log

Data exchange log contains every data sync session:

  • both inbound: importing new and update data from a data source;

  • and outbound: pushing new and updated data from Mapsly to data sources

with the request/response content and the list of affected records.

Execution log

Execution log records detailed execution session data. Learn more in the Execution log article.

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