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Create a store locator for your website or customer portal
Create a store locator for your website or customer portal

This step-by-step guide will help you create a powerful store locator with Masply's shared maps that can be embedded into your website

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This article will help you use the shared maps feature to embed a store locator into your website.

By store locator we mean a map that will show locations of your physical stores on a map embedded into your website and will allow a customer to find the closest store that sells the apparel brand they're interested in. The client will be able to filter out stores that don't sell this brand and sort by distance the stores that do.

Implementation is included in your Mapsly subscription!

Your Mapsly subscription comes with implementation services, so we're inviting you to book a web call with our engineer today - to learn more about your use scenario and set up shared maps for you during the call. Start embedding live maps today. You may also ask us for help in chat any time 24/7.

Implementation steps

Follow this guide to create a shared map that will serve as your store location:

[This article is under construction and will be completed soon.]

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