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Filter records by distance from a location
Filter records by distance from a location

Set the "base" location and then filter records by Distance field automatically calculated by Mapsly for all records

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When you set the base location or when it's automatically pre-set to the user's location, Mapsly automatically calculates the distance for every record from this location and records it in the record's Distance column that is a system field that comes out of the box for all objects.

The distance is calculated in the Mapsly account's distance units (miles or kilometers).

You can then use the Distance field in many ways, for example:

  1. To filter records in the Table view by setting the table filter to Distance <= 50, where 50 is your desired value. For example, to mass-update records located within a certain distance from a location:

    IMPORTANT: The isocircles' radius and the value for the Distance column that you may enter into the table filter are not automatically synced, so if you'd like the circles to reflect the filtered distance, be sure to enter the same values in both the radius and the table filter, as shown on the example screenshot above.

  2. In map layers and map filters. For example to display records within the distance indicated by the user on a shared map. When the base location changes, the map layers/filters and the Table view filter that use the Distance field are updated automatically.

  3. Distance is a standard field that is displayed by default in the List view for all objects:

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