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Using the "base" location
Using the "base" location

Set the "base" location to view circles of equal distance (isocircles) and filter records by their Distance column

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The base location is:

  1. the center of isocircles and isochrones;

  2. the location, from which the Distance field in all records is calculated.

When base location is pre-set to the user's current location

In the following two cases Mapsly presets the base location to the user's current location, provided that the user granted Mapsly access to their location:

  • for a logged in user (not a shared map): on a device with screen width smaller than 1,200 logical pixels;

  • on a shared map whose configuration requires centering on the user's location.

Note. If you're using a shared map with the List view's default configuration, in the two cases above the List view will be showing the distance from the user's location:

How to set and change the base location

To set, change or clear the base location, the user's profile must have the Modify base location permission.

With this permission, the base location can be set or updated by

  • selecting a location (address, GPS coordinates or a record) in the Search bar with the Update base location checkbox is checked;

  • by using the Center map command in various parts of the user interface.

Here's a detailed description of each way to set the base location:

1- Enter a location (address, GPS coordinates or a record name) into the Search bar while the Update base location box is checked:

2- Click Center map in a record's map popup:

3- Click Center map in a record's context menu in the Table view:

4- Right-click any location on the map and select Center map in the context menu:

How to clear the base location

To clear the base location, click this button, which will appear in the Search bar when the base location is set:

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