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[HubSpot] Options for logging check-in & check-out data in HubSpot
[HubSpot] Options for logging check-in & check-out data in HubSpot

Learn how to log check-in/check-out data to HubSpot: directly to Contacts/Deals/Companies, custom objects, meetings and timeline events.

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In HubSpot, you can log check-in/check-out data using any one or a combination of the approaches described below. You may also find their comparison table here.

Custom objects

Logging check-in/check-out events into a custom object is the most flexible option that allows to adjust which fields are shown or read-only for a user profile, and this data can be used for list segmentation, workflows and reporting in HubSpot.

But this option is available only on HubSpot Enterprise plans.

Timeline events

A timeline event in HubSpot is posted on a Contact, Company or Deal and all its data is visible to all users with access to this Contact/Company/Deal. A timeline event's fields cannot be hidden for particular user roles and are always read-only.

Timeline events can be used for list segmentation and in HubSpot workflows, but are at this moment not supported in HubSpot reporting tool.

Timeline events are the best option for for clients on HubSpot Pro plans and in cases they don't require the versatility or custom objects.

Description field in Meetings

Check-in data can be saved directly into a new or existing Meeting record. However, Description cannot be made read-only and all users with access to the Meeting record can modify it, which doesn't make it a good option in case you'd like to see whether the check-in event is verified (that is, if the user actually was at the Meeting's location).

Mapsly's Check-in object

Check-in and check-out events can be recorded into records of Mapsly's internal Check-in object, whose fields can be hidden or made read-only on for particular user profiles.

However, since in this case check-in/check-out data is kept inside Mapsly, it can't be used in HubSpot's List, Workflow and Reporting tools. That said, you still can use Check-in object's fields to fill in static HubSpot contact lists from Mapsly (using the Add to new contact list and Add to existing contact list buttons in the Table view) and use Mapsly automation suite to implement complex workflows.

Properties directly on primary Company, Contact, Deal, etc.

If your business processes imply that there your users can check in and out only once into location, for example if it is a Service job that can be executed only once, you can log check-in and check-out events to custom properies on the primary record.

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