'Send SMS' action

Use 'Send SMS' action to send SMS messages to persons' mobile phones with global coverage.

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Send SMS action allows you to send SMS directly from Mapsly.

Enter the Recipient phone number to which to send the SMS, or use Twig to have it resolved at runtime. The phone number must be full and include the country code. The phone number may also contain non-digit symbols, like + ) - or white spaces, but they don't have any effect as they are automatically removed before an SMS is sent.

In SMS content you may use both static content and Twig. If your content doesn't fit into one SMS at runtime, Mapsly's SMS provider will automatically split it into several messages.

SMS pricing

SMS pricing is pay-as-you-go and match Twilio US pricing.

Note. For Mapsly customers paying in currencies other than US dollars, accrued SMS costs are converted into the account's currency using Mapsly's internal FX rate, which may slightly differ from the current market FX rate.

SMS costs are added as a separate line in your Mapsly subscription bill and can be viewed in Setup -> Billing.

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