'Open URL' action

Use 'Open URL' action to open an external webpage in a popup inside Mapsly or in a new tab.

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Open URL action opens an external webpage in an iframe inside a popup of the designated size or in a new tab, for the user who pressed a Button or who created or edited a record in Mapsly that triggered a workflow.

Enter the URL to be opened in the URL field here. Since it's a Twig template, you may use any combination of static content, record data variables and any other Twig code in your URL.

Target defines where to open the URL: in a popup's iFrame or a new browser tab. For the iFrame, indicate the size of the iFrame (popup). If the size exceeds a mobile screen's dimensions, the popup's size will match the screen size so it occupies the entire screen.

When used in a workflow triggered by an import event, that is when a record was created, updated or deleted in a data source, there is no Mapsly user associated with this event so the Open URL action will be ignored at runtime.

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