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'Show message' action

Use 'Show message' action to show a message in the user interface with the result of your actions or to report an error.

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Show message can be used in a sequence of actions to show a message to the user who pressed a Button or who created or edited a record in Mapsly that triggered a workflow.

Enter the message to be shown into the Message field. Since it's a Twig template, you may use any combination of static content, record data variables and any other Twig code in your message.

Styling defines the color of the message. You can either set a fixed color, or click Set a formula and enter a Twig template that will resolve in one of the predefined styling values: success, warning, error or progress

Position defines whether the message will be shown in the top-right or bottom-right corner of the screen,

If Auto-hide message box is checked, the message will automatically disappear in a few seconds. Leave it unchecked if your message contains some data that a user might need more than a few seconds to read, or copy to the clipboard.

When used in a workflow triggered by an import event, that is when a record was created, updated or deleted in a data source, there is no Mapsly user associated with this event so the Show message action will be ignored at runtime.

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