Create record action allows you to create a record of any object, including related records like check-in records, logged calls or meetings.

Target value here is a Twig template, so you may use static content, record data variables placeholders and any other Twig code.

If you have other Workflows that depend on records you're creating in this action so they need to be triggered after this action is executed, check the Re-evaluate workflow after field(s) change box.

Determining which field to update at runtime

Mapsly also allows you to indicate at runtime the API name of field(s) to be updated, which is useful for example when using a Create record action in a cycle with unknown number of records at design time. To do this, select Custom in the Field selector and fill in the additional input field that will appear with the Twig template that will resolve into an API name at runtime:

(In this particular example, this Create record action can used in a Match-action block of a Match records action - to create a new record of a desired object for each of the found clinics.)

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