List view is a left pane that shows the same record set as the table view but in a “multi-line block” view. To access it simply choose List view in the left pane dropdown:

You will then have the option to select one of the two modes:

  • All - all of your records will appear in the list

  • Visible map - the list will contain only the records that are currently visible on the map

List view properties

To edit the list view properties simply click on the cog icon:

You will then see a popup with list view properties:

To add a new line that will appear in the block simply click on the '+' icon and then click on 'Insert tag' on the new line:

You can then pick a tag (field) that will be shown on that line. In this example we have selected 'Industry tag' and it shows the corresponding industry for that record in the preview:

You can also sort items in the list by certain fields. If two items or more items have the same value in Field #1 then the value in Field #2 will be used for sorting:

Permissions & default properties

You can customize List view permissions by going to Setup > Profiles & permissions

You can customize list view properties for your personal account as well as default properties for all users. To do that simply click on 'Default properties' and continue your customization:

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