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Use Workflows to execute actions when a new record is created, or an existing one is updated or removed

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A Workflow is triggered when a record is created, or an existing record is updated or removed ("Event").

A workflow is triggered in both cases (but only once per event):

  1. When an Event originated in Mapsly, for example when a user creates or updates a record in Mapsly;

  2. When it originated in your data source, for example when a user creates or updates a record in the CRM, and these changes are then automatically imported into Mapsly by a connector, or pushed to Mapsly API directly or but only once per event.

When you create or update a record in Mapsly, workflows are immediately executed before the new/updated records are pushed to the data source. So you can implement workflows that enrich records before they are saved to your CRM (so there will be no multiple create/update events sent to the CRM in response to one such event in Mapsly).

When a record is created or updated in your data source, workflows are executed when it is imported into Mapsly.

When multiple records are updated in Mapsly or in your data source, workflows are executed for each record independently. Workflows do not "bulkify" - it is not possible to access an entire batch of created/updated records in a workflow.

Creating a workflow

To create a new workflow:

1- In Setup, go to Workflows

2- Press the + button.

3- Select the object for which you're creating the workflow:

4- Enter the Workflow name, [optionally] API name, and specify which event types will trigger the workflow: Created, Updated or Deleted. You may select multiple events at once, if necessary.

5- In the Actions section press the + button to add condition/actions block(s) that the workflow will execute. Then click Save.

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