Condition/actions blocks (or for short, Blocks) are a unified way to indicate the sequence of actions that should be executed in various Automation Elements.

Sequence of execution of Blocks and their Actions

If a condition is defined in a Block, its Block's action are executed only if the condition is met. If the condition is not set, the actions will always be executed.

If several Blocks are present, they are executed from top to bottom in the order they are present in the Automation Element. You may drag-n-drop Blocks to change their order of execution.

If several actions are present in a Block, they are also executed from top to bottom in the order they are present.

IMPORTANT! Since the condition of a subsequent Block is evaluated after execution of actions in Block above it, these actions may influence the result of the evaluation if they modify data used in the condition.

The Condition

The condition in a Block is a logical expression that evaluates to either true or false. It can be built using Mapsly's Expression builder:

or entered directly in the Expression editor:

We recommend using Expression builder as long as it covers your needs. Expression editor is normally used to address more complex automation scenarios and is described in detail in Mapsly's Automation guide.

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