Some Mapsly elements, like layer groups, territory groups and saved locations, support sharing with others. By default, an element is visible to its creator but can be shared to all users of certain profiles, or to individual users, or to both.

To customise this you can open the sharing settings:

and choose one of the available sharing levels:

  • Private: visible only to you and your Mapsly account administrators

  • Public: visible to everybody in your Mapsly organization

  • Custom: visible to you and also to these user(s) and user profile(s).

Note, that users without the Browse users and Browse user profiles permissions will not be able to add/view users/user profiles in custom sharing settings.

Layer groups/filters

To open the sharing settings for layer groups/filters simply press the Sharing settings icon:

Saved places

To open the sharing settings for saved places simply click to edit saved place properties, then select "Edit":

Territory groups

[This feature is coming soon]

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