Creating a new Mapsly account

If you are using any of the IT systems listed in our catalog of connectors here, select your IT system in the catalog and follow the sign-up guide that will open, and your IT system will be added as a data source to your new Mapsly account automatically.

If your IT system is not in the catalog, create your Mapsly account by following this sign-up wizard, and then add your IT system as a data source as described below.

Adding a data source manually

To add a new data source to your Mapsly account, go to Setup in the main menu, click this + button:

and select your IT system from the list of connectors, which contains all IT systems from our catalog of connectors. If your IT system is not in the list, contact us in chat, and our customer support team will help you add your data source to Mapsly.

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