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How to connect your Zoho Creator or other Zoho apps to Mapsly
How to connect your Zoho Creator or other Zoho apps to Mapsly

Learn how to use Mapsly API to view and edit your data from Zoho Creator, Zoho Inventory or any other Zoho app

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Follow steps below to connect your Zoho Creator app to Mapsly using Mapsly API:

1. Create custom data source in Mapsly and import initial data

To sync data to Mapsly your Zoho Creator app needs to be added to Mapsly as a data source, and Zoho Creator forms from which you'll like to see data in Mapsly need to be added as objects to this data source.

Once the data source and its objects are created in Mapsly, your current Zoho Creator data will be uploaded into them.

At this time, Mapsly support team will help you do these steps, so contact us in chat and provide the list of objects and their fields that you'd like to create in Mapsly.

2. Generate API Key for your data source

In Mapsly:

1- Go to Setup in the main menu:

2- Click Inbound webhooks & API in the data source's context menu:

3- Click Generate API Key, then copy the API key and click Save:

2. Create Zoho Creator workflows to update data in Mapsly

You'll need to create the following two workflows for each Zoho Creator form (object) that you'd like to sync to Mapsly. In your Zoho Creator app:

1- Click Workflow:

2- Create the Create/update workflow:

  • click New workflow and fill in the parameters as shown on the screenshot. In this example, we'll be syncing Zoho Creator form "Order" to Mapsly:

  • click Add new action and select Deluge script:

  • in the script editor enter the following Deluge code:

fields = {

In this example:

- we're syncing fields id, Name and Office from the Zoho Creator form "Office";

- in Mapsly we have object Office with fields with the same API names;

- your_Mapsly_api_key is the placeholder for the actual API key you copied earlier;

- the entity URL parameter is the object API name in Mapsly to which we're sending data.

IMPORTANT: object and field names are case-sensitive, so in the code they must appear exactly as they are appear in the Object & fields of their Mapsly data source:

2- Create the Delete workflow: repeat steps above to create a workflow when a record is Deleted. The Deluge code for this workflow is:

getUrl("" + input.ID); 

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